covid 19 tests for travelers


Navaus Health offers home antigen and antibody tests to let you know if you have COVID 19 . Testing is performed by a qualified healthcare professional who ensures the quality of the process, can guarantee that our test formats and results meet international travel requirements. Please check your destination requirements to ensure compliance.

Learn about the services we have for COVID-19 detention and travel with peace of mind to your next destination, be aware of the type of test and the validity time required by the health authorities of your travel destination country. NAVUS HEALTH is not responsible for the validity times of the tests, these times are the responsibility of the travelers.


Order your test kit 

Gettind satrted is as easy as filling out the order form. Your test kit will arrive at your door the next day 

we will call you to confirm your appointment 

when you make your purchase, you must tell us how many people will be tested. 


Travelers we all take care

Book an appointment with our clinical supervisor 

check your destination testing requirements to ensure the test collection is completed within the proper time.

with our health care professionals you can be sure that the samples will be correctly reprocessed.


Let's travel with peace of mind

Get tested  from the comfort of your home 

A quick and painless rt-PCR saliva swab test. After mailing your completed test, receive your results within 48 hrs ( from the time test is received by the lab).

You will receive a certificate by email in english, in case it is positive, we will communicate it to the corresponding health entity.

Let's travel safely

Receive CLIA certified results

Navaus Helth partners with CLIA certified labs to provide test results that are backed by government trusted facilities. For international travel your passport number is included on your test results report 

Travelers around the world

Results guaranteed within 48 hours of the lab receiving your sample

From $159 / person (Insurance not accepted)

  • Physician referred rt-PCR-Saliva based test
  • Testing with 99.7% accuracy rating
  • Detects COVID-19 up to 24 hours before symptoms occur
  • Professionally supervised, contactless test via Zoom
  • Results processed by government CLIA certified lab
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