Private Jet Travel Clearance

Navus Health is offering COVID-19 travel clearance testing to those flying domestically and internationally.

Elite Travel Clearance

Test for COVID-19 safely from your own home. Get care virtually from one of Navus Health’s certified clinical supervisors. 

From $179 / person

Insurance not accepted

COVID-19 Test // Next Day Results

FAA approved // rtPCR Saliva Swab Test // 99.7% accuracy rating from CLIA government certified lab

Virtual Testing Kit

From $129*

*Fees may be reimbursable by your insurance

  • Physician referred rt-PCR Saliva based test (99.7% accuracy rating) 
  • Professionally supervised, contactless test via Zoom
  • Can detect COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) up to 24 hours before symptoms occur
  • Ships FedEx Overnight both ways** 
  • Clinician follow up if positive
  • Results in as little as 2 days of shipping to the lab (additional fee)

**Orders must be received by 3pm EST if receiving test kit next day

Customers reviews

What Our Customers Have to Say

The service Navus Health provided is excellent! At first when the service was explained to me, I thought it was too good to be true, would that be a fraud? But of course I was wrong! I am travelling on a midnight flight on Wednesday, which gave me very little time to get the test done, Navus expedited service allowed me to get my report in 36 hours (guarantee 48 hours) ,the team at Navus were extremely helpful in getting all the documents ready before my travel. Highly recommended!
Wai-Yin Anna W.
Travel Clearance Customer
Needed our COVID-19 test for travel. Navus Health came to our house, performed the test and got us results in 2 days. Personal attention from the provider, highly recommend!
LeeAnn P.
Travel Clearance Customer

Fly with a Peace of Mind

PLEASE NOTE   Navus Health cannot guarantee our test and results formats meet international travel requirements

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