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Quick and easy tests performed by trained clinicians from Bergen New Bridge 

Important: Please use the same address for registration and the test results portal

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A unique QR Code is emailed used to check-in during the appointment.

Please Note: You only have to register one time. Booking any future appointments will not require this step.

Choose the best appointment time bracket within the given testing week. From there you can choose a day and more specific appointment time.

Our app how to partnership new bridge

Create your account on the Navus Portal by using the same email use during registration. This is how you will be notified when test results are ready to view.

Testing Registration and scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions

Bergen New Bridge Drive-Thru location is providing nasopharyngeal rt-PCR tests.

All community off-site locations are saliva based rt-PCR tests.

If you are symptomatic with a physician’s order or simply have a physician’s order than insurance is required. 

For surveillance testing or for personal reasons, you will pay for testing on-site.

Our system scans QR codes to quickly look up your registration record for check-in during the appointment. It also prevents excessive lines. 

Once the sample is collected, results will take approximately 24 – 48 hrs result delivery. Please ensure that you use the same email you registered with for your portal login to see the test results. 

You will receive an email once results are ready to review and download from the NavKit portal.

Only one booking per email per appointment. 


NavKit by Navus Health is our test results software provider. 

To access your test results,

  1. Visit https://navkit.navushealth.com
  2. Please log in via email. You must use the same email used when you registered, this is how your results will match up to your account.
  3.  Now logged in, your order if ready, will load in your account under the ‘Orders’ section. If you do not see your results in your account, check that you used the same email and that there are no misspellings. If you are still having issues locating your results, message our customer care team on this livechat or call (800) 573-2819.

If you would like to schedule a PCR test and our not symptomatic you can book an at-home test through our partners Navus Health.

Their service provides clearance for international travels (all countries), school, work, events. 

Navus Health provides concierge at-home testing services in most areas throughout New Jersey, Philadelphia, NYC and even Chicago.

To see if we serve your address check with your zip code here.

A member for our team will contact you for a retest as soon as possible before concluding a true infection. 

If it is concluded to be positive, we follow all CDC guidelines for instructing quarantine and further medical instructions. 

We recommend you take the results and consult your primary care physician for next steps.

If you need a test near your city, please visit our locations https://www.navushealth.com/new-clinic-location/

CHOose a location

IMPORTANT Updates as of 01-01-2022

For those that have tested with us

If you have been tested at Bergen New Bridge Medical Center or one of our off-site locations please note that results are processing longer than expected due to the increase in testing demand.

Making appointments

Please note that only one appointment for each individual using the same email and same personal information can be made. Multiple appointment attempts will cancel the existing appointment scheduled.

Wait time for results: 3-5 days

Have additional questions? 

Contact COVIDquestions@newbridgehealth.org

We thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to serve our communities.


Test fast and easy at our off-site locations by our trained staff

Book an appointment online


Choose from one of the off site testing locations  and book your appointment

App navushealth local 22

Visit the testing location for sample collection

Our staff will be there at your appointment time to collect sample for analysis

Travel clearance services

Receive results in your portal within approx. 48 hours

Our CLIA certified lab results will be sent to you electronically


Have a question?

  1. Visit Navus Health select – COVID-19 TESTING AT YOUR DOOR service option middle of the home page to book an appointment and a Local clinical tester will visit you to swab.
  2. Enter your test location zip code, and view if we test in your area or not. 
  3. Choose the test type and result in delivery speed. 
  4. You can make an appointment for 1 up to 10 people at one time.
  5. Fill in all the details, In case of TRAVEL purpose additional details are required ie: Passport number, travel destination, Travel Date and Time
  6. Pick an appointment date and time. 
  7. Enter Service Address where you would like to get tested. We can also test you at your convenient location hotel, home, office.
  8. Enter your payment and contact details and you receive an email confirmation of your appointment.

If you get stuck call our customer support team at (800) 573-2819, One of the support agents can help you book your appointment.

We have 2 types of results delivery services 

Same-day result delivery is for $199 per test, if tested by 2 pm result is delivered by 11:59 pm-midnight. 

Expedited same-day result delivery is for $299 per test and the result is delivered within 4-6 hours.

Payment is taken via credit card at the time of the booking. You receive physician-reviewed results in pdf format from a certified CLIA lab via e-mail.

Please see the complete test offering at Navus Health 

Ordering is completed online here by paying via credit card. We use Stripe for payment processing and accept all major credit cards.

A payment receipt is sent to the email address once the payment is successfully processed. 

We provide concierge COVID testing designed for your convenience!

Our Clinical Tester will come to your door at the time of your appointment.  The nasal swab (anterior nasal) is used to collect the specimen and placed securely into a vial and taken to the lab to process. 


Specimens are processed by a CLIA certified government-certified lab. 

For in-person visits, all proper personal protective equipment is used to ensure the safety of both the client and the tester.

All samples are processed in a CLIA-certified lab and reviewed by our team of licensed physicians to ensure high accuracy.

If you book an appointment online with an email address, you will receive a confirmation with the date, time, and location of your appointment.

If a confirmation email has not been received you can call our customer support team at (800) 573-2819.

The test itself takes 15mins to collect.

The results delivery speed differs based on the service and the result turnaround time you select at the time of booking. 

Results are emailed with the QRcode in the form of a PDF document to the email we collect at the time of your appointment. 

If testing for the Travel purpose: we ask to have the passport book ready at the time of appointment so we can ensure your travel PCR result documents match exactly.

No!  This test provides the accuracy of a PCR test without the uncomfortable and sometimes painful effects of a nasopharyngeal swab.  The sample is collected with the nasal swab and is collected by the certified lab technician.

At-home testing is a practical way to take care of your health. You don’t need to go to the lab to do a simple test. Our clinical tester will collect your test sample, simply place it in the vial and deliver them to the lab for quick processing. Your results will be returned in the form of a PDF document to the email we collect at the time of your appointment.

Refund requests can be made within 48 hours from the date you were supposed to receive your results. Always be sure to check your junk or spam email. 

You can contact our customer support team at (800) 573-2819 for more details.

Currently, we do not accept insurance, you can book your appointment directly. Insurance does not cover Tests for Travel purposes.

If you or a family member are experiencing severe symptoms such as chest pain, new confusion, blue lips, or passing out, please call 911, your doctor, or seek immediate medical attention.

PCR tests amplify the genetic material of the virus and detect it using advanced molecular diagnostic technology. This makes the PCR test highly sensitive and specific, reducing both false-negative and false-positive results. Antigen tests look for specific proteins on a virus’s surface and produce results more quickly but have a high rate of false negatives.  With a false negative test, a person with COVID-19 may unknowingly expose loved ones or coworkers to the virus.

An appointment cannot be Cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment scheduled time. Contact customer support at (800) 573-2819 before 24 hours of your appointment time to cancel the appointment.

There is no age limit. Minors can be tested as long as their parent or legal guardian requests the test and be present at the time of collecting the sample.

For immediate treatment and care for any acute symptoms you may be experiencing, please contact your local primary care healthcare provider.

For specific questions about your test results, you can contact at (800) 573-2819

No, this is not a test for COVID antibodies that can detect who have had the disease and have recovered.

Yes, you can get tested at your US address where you staying. We send our tester to your address to take the specimen. Currently, we service in NJ, PA, NY. 

We ask to have your Passport book ready so we can ensure your travel PCR result documents match exactly.

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