Select & labbee forges innovative partnership
Select & labbee forges innovative partnership

Select laboratories offer new On-Demand lab concierge services.

Select laboratories is proud to partner with LabBee to now offer On-Demand lab concierge services.

Easy booking | Save time | Convenient

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how it works

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Book an appointment

Choose the date, time and place that best suits you for your lab concierge visit

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Get tested at your place

One of our specialist will visit you to collect the sample and deliver to our LabBee network

Book online mobile
Get results online

Receive CLIA certified lab results right on your smartphone or from your doctor

We provide your provider's lab order including insurance info to our lab partner. Enjoy your time with family and friends, we take care of the rest.

Draw of order phlebotomy

Starting from $49

Select Lab & LabBee has an ever growing fleet of local Phlebotomists  that comes to your location, collects the sample and sends to LabBee’s lab partners. We will take care of collecting your insurance information. Once testing is complete, they will bill your insurance company. All of this and more starting from $49 .

Labbee creates a new Lab
Concierge Experience for you


Fast lab service in your area, easy to book serving all year round

At Ease

On-demand appointments when and where you need it 


Our specialist will visit and collect the sample then deliver the lab

Give your patient's quality lab service From the comfort of their home

Get Real-Time Updates Right From Your Smartphone

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BECOME A PROVIDER and upgrade your service

Benefits for Providers
Data Transparency | Real Time Tracking | Accountability
1. Faxing is a thing of the past. Seamlessly place lab orders with a few clicks
2. No more lab result guessing games. Get real-time status' and timers on the entire experience from order and appointment.
3. Improve non-compliant patients, increase return visits and reduce hospitalizations.

Benefits for your practice

Select Lab and LabBee create an extension of your team. We're here to keep all your lab orders in motion.

To assist with referring patients to home lab concierge services, we will provide promotional material for your office.

Fill out the form and connect with a LabBee specialist today!

Reduce lab non-compliance
Convenient for patients
Get return visits faster
Attract new patients
Improve patient satisfaction
Track lab order status

Register My Practice & Receive a Welcome Kit


Lab results will typically be ready in 2-3 business days though certain tests may take longer. Once your lab results are ready, your doctor will typically reach out 2-3 days after to review the results together. In addition, you can check if your lab results are ready with the following options:

Check your patient portal for your laboratory test


No problem! We have two easy options for providing your lab order to US when booking a visit. You can provide us your doctor’s contact information and we can collect your lab order for you, or you can ask your doctor for a copy of your lab order and upload it. Either way works for us.


We’re sorry to hear that, but we’d be happy to help. Please contact us at 800-573-2819 or email us at


Yes. Select Labs & LabBee works with trained phlebotomists who are certified to practice phlebotomy. In addition, we have a robust vetting process before hiring candidates and they are continually assessed during their employment

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