Our lab partner employs one of the few available PCR tests that is FDA Emergency Use Authorized in the United States, proven to detect Sars-COV-2 genomic variants up to 24 hours before symptoms appear.

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Book a COVID-19 clearance test for your domestic and international travel. We'll provide you with all the documents necessary to get you cleared for travel in no time.

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Navus Health and it’s partners have been there for families and businesses around the nation as the leading solution in COVID-19 testing with a continuously growing variety of services. Our mission is to flatten the curve of the coronavirus using our gold standard, rt-PCR Saliva Swab Test (99.7% accuracy rating) that effectively detects SARS-CoV-2 up to 24 hours before symptoms occur.

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COVID-19 Response

With over 40 years of laboratory industry experience and over 65 managed labs in operation, Select Laboratory Partners (SLP) is the clear choice in practice-owned laboratory management. SLP offers customized, in-office laboratory installation and management for pain, addiction, behavioral rehabilitation, primary care practices, hospitals, and nursing homes. SLP’s comprehensive and customized solutions allow customers to deliver responsive, on-site screening and confirmation testing along with an extensive list of value-added management services.

COVID-19 Response

We understand how concerned you are about leaving your home so we are bringing our frontline heros to you! Navus Health is now offering COVID-19 testing at on-site for businesses for detection of both active and prior infections. We have partnered with certified lab companies to process test specimens.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Test is remotely supervised by one of our certified Clinical Testing Supervisor over a zoom video call. Prepaid shipping label is sent with the kit to ship back the kit to our lab. Specimens are processed and certified by a CLIA government certified lab. Results are emailed to you within 48 hours after the arrival of your sample at our lab.

We believe remotely supervised testing interactions by a Clinical Testing Supervisor gives a real-time synchronous audio/visual technology, patients are not left to their own and is being supervised every step of the way.  

  1. On our Home Page, order your Virtual Test kit to be mailed to your address.
  2. The kit will be delivered directly to you via expedited delivery if purchased by 5:00 pm Eastern time.
  3. After your kit arrives open the Kit and look for the instruction card .
  4. DO NOT OPEN THE TEST PACKAGE until you are instructed on your zoom video appointment call.
  5. Log into our site navushealth.com/book-virtual-test on the card and select the date and time you would like to get tested with one of our certified Clinical Supervisor.
  6. Appointment date and time with a zoom link will be sent out to your email address you provided at the time of appointment.
  7. Day of your appointment, freeze the cold pack(uline) located in your test kit for minimum 2 hours before your appointment time.
  8. During your virtual test appointment time, one of our certified Clinical Testing Supervisor will instruct you to activate your kit with a 5digit code, your name and Date of Birth.
  9. We recommend having your government photo i.d and insurance health card ready during your appointment time.
  10. During your test appointment, instructions to use the saliva swab to collect the test sample from inside of your mouth will be given by our Clinical Testing Supervisor.
  11. After completing your sample collection, you will need to take to your closest FEDEX shipping center to send your sample back via prepaid shipping label.
  12. Your kit includes everything you will need to take to your closest FEDEX shipping center to send your sample back via prepaid shipping label.

You will receive a confirmation with the date and time, via email address you provided at the time you ordered your Virtual Test Kit with a zoom link to connect with one of our Certified Clinical Supervisor.

Yes, you may order up to 8 Test kits per household. 

No, we use Fedex  to ship our test kits and they do not deliver packages to mailboxes in the Post Office.

We recommend you order your testing kit at least 7 days in advance of when you will need your final test results. The timing to receive results is typically driven by how soon the completed test kit arrives at our lab. Please be aware that shipping carrier delays or weekend shipping restrictions in your area may impact this timeline.

We  usually guarantee results back within 48 hours after the completed sample arrives back at our lab. (If you provide your saliva sample as soon as you receive your kit and ship the sample back immediately).

Yes, Make sure you choose  the Travel Clearance Option on the Home page. 

We recommend you to order the kit and have it at your address 7days before your test date. However, it is up to you to validate what documentation you will need in order to waive quarantine within the country of destination.  Payment is taken via credit card online  at the time of placing the Virtual Test Kit.

Insurance  DO NOT  PAY for travelers required to be tested.

Test takes 5 mins to collect the specimen, and is instructed by your Clinical Testing Supervisor.

Delivery speed of test results depends on the time you hand over your test packet to FEDEX shipping center. Result turnaround time is 48 hours, from the day our lab receives. 

All results are set up to be delivered by 11:59PM of the last day of the guaranteed delivery time frame. Result is emailed to the email address provided at time of booking.

The unopened saliva test kit has a 2 years of shelf life.

No. If you do not collect saliva under supervision from a test supervisor, the test results will be invalidated. Your sample collection is observed and instructed by a test supervisor (via Zoom-enabled video supervised testing).  

Do not eat or drink anything, smoke or brush your teeth, for at least 30  minutes  prior to your test appointment, as this will contaminate the test sample.

As of Jan Mid 2021, we are not accepting insurance. You can submit the claim to your insurance carrier on your own, we can  provide you the guidelines and other details. 

**Fees may be reimbursable by your insurance.  Please note that insurance DOES NOT reimburse any  Expedition Fees.

PCR tests amplify the genetic material of the virus and detect this viral material using

advanced molecular diagnostic technology. This makes the PCR test both sensitive and specific, reducing both false negative and false positive results. Antigen tests look for specific proteins on a virus’s surface and produce results more quickly but have a high rate of false negatives.

The test is a mouth swab that is easy to collect on your own.

We offer our COVID-19 testing for all patients 18 years of age and older who qualify in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance.

Cancellation is allowed within 30minutes after placing your Virtual Test Kit online. 

Contact support during business hours via our phone number Mon-Fri: (800) 573-2819 to reschedule your appointment 24 hour(s) before the appointment time.

Refund requests can be made within a week’s time (until the 7th day) from the purchase date if the kit did not arrive on time or the lab report is not received by the promised time.

 You can contact  Navus Health customer service (800) 573-2819 for more details.

Yes, you need to provide your ID to the clinical tester at the time of your virtual test appointment.

The best time to get tested is 3 to 4 days after you were exposed. 

“We have empirical evidence that our PCR test is picking up the new dangerous COVID variants.“

Need more than testing for your business? Ask us about COVID Response.

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