Flight Crew

COVID-19 PCR Testing for the air travel industry

Get tested on the road, no need to search for a testing location

Flight crews are constantly on the go, Navus Health has bridged the gap for flight crews who may be traveling continuously prior to a trip where a PCR test is required. Navus Health is here for your testing needs, keeping you compliant with these many requirements while on the move. Your test will be mailed ahead of time to your home, FBO, or even the hotel at which you are staying during your travels.

$134.99 per person

  • – Physician referred rt-PCR Saliva based test
  • – Testing with 99.7% accuracy rating
  • – Detects COVID-19 up to 24 hours before symptoms occur
  • – Professionally supervised, contactless test via Zoom 
  • – Certified results processed by government CLIA certified labs
  • – Includes your passport number and QR Code to scan
Flight crew

Why Choose Us?

The U.S. and countries around the world have imposed a range of travel restrictions and testing requirements due to COVID-19. You may not be allowed to travel and remain overnight (even as crew-members) in certain destinations, without a negative PCR test prior to arrival. 

Navus Health now offers premier travel clearance services to its business and individual clients with a special understanding of the unique needs of the airline, corporate and charter aircraft industries. We strive to provide you with everything you will need for an upcoming trip to overcome any travel restrictions, from testing to clearance travel documents.

You must complete a test that complies with destination requirements. For select flights we recommend at-home PCR saliva swab testing which has a 48-hour turnaround time on average for test results.

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