Event Coverage for health and Safety

COVID-19 Testing and Surveillance for Events

Prevent outbreaks while reducing the risk of workplace transmissions through Navus Health’s business resilience program. A nationally proven strategy that keeps events safe and operationally productive.

Event Safety COVID-19 Response

Pre-check staff and talent before they arrive on-site at events. Participants will receive a virtual test kit shipped overnight via FedEx both ways. All virtual test samples are cleared by a CLIA certified lab.  Results ready in 2 days or rushed next day for a fee.

Navus has a solution for events from 10 to 10,000+ people. High-capacity, on-site Rapid Antigen Testing and FDA approved infrared thermal screening provides high-volume clearance for staff, talent and patrons. Positive results follow up with a COVID-19 PCR test with 99.7% accuracy processed by our CLIA certified lab partners. Patron compliance through QR code passport.

Gain control and surveillance over your event safety through dynamic analytics and heat mapping. Receive early warning signals when outbreaks occur, review insights on positive and negative results to execute data driven safety decisions and more.

Receive a dedicated account manager from our team to orchestrate services, manage outbreak incidents and walk your management team through real-time analytics from your customer insights dashboard.

Preventing outbreaks before they occur. Staff that are symptomatic or have tested positive for a contagious illness on-site trigger recommended actions such as incident management, contact tracing, additional testing of exposed event staff and talent, on-site cleaning & sanitization.


Automate a daily symptom checker through high volume corridors with best-in-class, infrared thermal cameras. Identify ill staff and patrons in real-time to engage interventions and maintain a healthy work environment.

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