Importance Of Mobile Lab Services

Why you need Mobile Lab Service

By LabBee  | 2022  5-minute read 

Phlebotomy is a medical procedure in which blood is drawn from a human body for different purposes like medical tests, identifying medical conditions, or blood donation.  Most of the time, people visit hospitals or medical laboratories for minor laboratory tests. However, now you can acquire mobile lab services from the comfort of your home, office, or even club.

Benefits Everyone Should Know


Mobile phlebotomists can provide lab services from the comfort of your home, office, or even club, saving you a significant amount of time and money.


With mobile phlebotomy service, you can schedule an appointment anywhere, anytime. And not only for you but also for your family that may need a medical check-up with regularity. Mobile lab providers will accommodate their schedule with your date and time providing prompt and efficient services.

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Time Optimizer (Efficiency)

With mobile laboratory services, you won’t have to spend your time and finances on traveling. Asking for job leaves and rescheduling meetings or even job opportunities, because the waiting was too long or there was a huge traffic jam on the road. Also, will help older adults and patients with chronic ailments.

Reduced Exposure

Traditional lab work is risky. Due to the numerous patients visiting medical labs, there is a potential risk of disease transference, impacting not only your daily life but also your family especially if you have children and old adults.

This condition has become more dangerous after coronavirus or monkeypox spread. That’s why Mobile Laboratory services can reduce exposure while conducting a safely lab tests in the comfort of your home.

Results on time and on Schedule

Do you congested hospital labs are one of the reasons people miss their blood draw appointments? With mobile lab services, you don’t have to go to a congested space for small tests. And for sure you will never forget your appointment date because the service will remind you about it.

The Takeaway

LabBee is a licensed mobile lab service provider with expert phlebotomists. We offer cost-effective phlebotomy services in the area. Contact us today to schedule your phlebotomy appointment.

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LabBee At-Home Lab Visits You

All we need is your provider’s lab order and your insurance information and we’ll get it to the lab. Eliminate the stress of scheduling, waiting and exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses, LabBee will take care of the rest.

Mobile Lab Service for you

LabBee has an ever growing team of local Phlebotomists that will come to your location, collect your samples and make sure they get to one of our LabBee lab partners.  We will take care of collecting the necessary insurance information so the lab can bill your insurance once testing is completed  Get all of this and more, starting at $49

Preparing for Lab Test

Preparing for your upcoming lab test is essential to receiving the most accurate results, check LabBee recommendations for your next blood draw

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What is LabBee?

LabBee is an ever-growing team of certified and caring mobile phlebotomists striving to deliver the best possible lab service directly to your doorstep

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