What is LabBee?

By LabBee | 2022  5-minute read 

LabBee is an ever-growing team of certified and caring mobile phlebotomists striving to deliver the best possible lab service directly to your doorstep. We utilize the power of proximity to match you with a member of our clinical care team to bring a top-tier lab service right to your living room. LabBee clinical technicians are CPT certified, fully vetted and registered in our proprietary system, and carry impressive resumes to put your mind at ease. 

Here at LabBee, we are more than just a service. We are building a community of like minded mobile medical professionals to improve the quality of nationwide at-home healthcare. 

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Why Choose LabBee?

We want to make sure that you not only take care of your health, but we want you to have a great experience with LabBee from booking your appointment to receiving your results. Patients are giving the best possible service at the best possible price. Most corporate labs want to charge exorbitant prices on top of jumping through all the insurance red tape. At LabBee, we charge a flat $50 fee for your blood draw, we ship it to one of our partner labs, and can have the results to you in as little as a few hours. 

Everyone procrastinates, even us! LabBee offers healthcare convenience and peace-of-mind whether you’re a busy professional, have children with special needs, or even homebound. Skip the line, stay warm, and relax in your living room or any location of your choice. Our goal is to put your mind at ease when it comes to your health. Simply upload your lab order and schedule an appointment in our very own app. 

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Best Mobile Lab Service at-home near you – book here your next blood draw

Where is LabBee?

LabBee operates in Florida, South Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and is ever-expanding! We have cultivated a network of phlebotomists ready to serve you undeniable service at a wallet-friendly cost. 

Mobile Lab Service for you

LabBee has an ever growing team of local Phlebotomists that will come to your location, collect your samples and make sure they get to one of our LabBee lab partners.  We will take care of collecting the necessary insurance information so the lab can bill your insurance once testing is completed  Get all of this and more, starting at $49.

Preparing for Lab Test

Preparing for your upcoming lab test is essential to receiving the most accurate results, check LabBee recommendations for your next blood draw

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What is LabBee?

LabBee is an ever-growing team of certified and caring mobile phlebotomists striving to deliver the best possible lab service directly to your doorstep

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