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Preparing for Lab Test

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Properly preparing for your upcoming lab work is essential to receiving the most accurate results. Most lab draws can be performed with little to no preparation, however there are a select few that might require you to fast or hold off on taking your medication or vitamins for a day or two. Not to worry though, your doctor wouldn’t have you hold a medication if it wasn’t imperative. 

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Most tests will have you fast, which is to refrain from eating from midnight the night before up to your test. Water is acceptable at anytime, however tea, sodas, or alcohol should be held. A common time for blood draws is in the morning, so you won’t have to go hungry for long. 

Lab tests are often used to help diagnose or screen for a specific disease or condition. Screening helps diagnose diseases before symptoms occur. Other tests are used to monitor a disease or see if treatment is effective.

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For any type of lab test, you should prepare for it by:

Other common test preparations include:

Tests that Require Fasting

Some of the most common lab tests that require other special preparations include:

Mobile Lab Service for you

If you have any questions about your lab orders, please reach out to your doctor for further instruction. If you are unable to get ahold of your provider, call our customer service number and we will provide as much assistance as we can. 

You can take all of these test and more with us.

Preparing for Lab Test

Preparing for your upcoming lab test is essential to receiving the most accurate results, check LabBee recommendations for your next blood draw

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