'The Show Must (and does) Go On

How Navus Health's COVID Safety Solutions Keeps the Lights On for Production Companies'

By Navus Health | 2022  5-minute read 

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“The show must go on” is a phrase in show business, meaning that regardless of what happens, an event or activity must continue even if there are problems or difficulties. For the past two years the problem has been the COVID show that has gone on and on and on… As we come to what we hope will be the end of the pandemic we are faced with what is likely to be the “new normal” as it relates to in person “live” entertainment. 

Production companies that manage live performances such as festivals, concerts, films, theater and television, struggle to maintain minimal disruption to their events calendars due to COVID. Part of the effort to minimize the risk of such a disruption means introducing a COVID-19 safety protocol to keep the audience coming in and internal teams safe.

According to the National Edowment for the arts who published an aritcle in March of this year, the economic impact COVID-19 has reached far beyond the box office. The unemployment rate at its peak went as high as 45%.  And although it is slowly recovering it is still incredibly high, with Actors still at 33% unemployed. 

Unemployment rate at its peak went as high as 45%. And although it is slowly recovering it is still incredibly high, with actors still at 33% unemployed.

Current population Survey, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“While arts and cultural industries and workers nationwide have sustained heavy losses, the sector continues to play an outsized role in the U.S. economy—as the new data demonstrate,” said NEA Chair Dr. Maria Rosario Jackson. “The NEA is committed to participating as a key partner in the recovery of this sector, recognizing not only its economic value, but also the arts’ capacity to transform the lives of individuals and communities in other ways, contributing to health and well-being, and overall resilience.”

COVID SAFETY SOLUTIONS & How to keep the industry resillent

There was a significant return to production once Hollywood studios and networks were able to implement health and safety protocols. In 2021, 943 films entered production, a 111% boost compared to 2020.”  Major industry organizations such as SAG-AFTRA have mandated vaccines and implemented strict testing protocols based on infection and hospitalization rates in cities where big shows are performing. Producers have implemented frequent COVID-19 testing processes in major productions for the cast, crew, and other show teams.  Frequent testing has become paramount to prevent transmission and effectively mitigate the transmission of infection amongst crew members

The risk from covid to the entertainment industry is still very real

The risk from COVID to the entertainment industry is still very real

New disease variants require continued testing vigilance, but a major uptick in the cost of these protocols, coupled with the end of COVID specific government funding to support the industry has led to permanent closure of many theaters and shows.

Navus health team were able to keep the lights on

It’s not all bad news.

Navus Health has helped one such production team in Chicago led by Jim Brady for his aptly named Off-Broadway production called “Tour Goes Wrong”, which is about all the things that can go wrong with a play that goes on tour. COVID was not part of this story line but maybe it should have been.  Jim had to find a provider that could deliver results faster than the next day and meet his requirements which included  Rapid Antigen testing daily and PCR testing three times a week,. Jim had approached the team at Navus in December, hoping to find a faster solution because  his current testing protocols took too long. 

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Navus Health stepped up to provid rapid a COVID testing safety solution that promised results within as little as 30 minutes and a COVID management and tracking solution that gave them real time results as the tests were processed.  This allowed Jim to make just-in-time decisions and personnel changes that allowed performances to continue. Navus Health partnered with his team to effectively and comfortably carry out their testing requirements multiple  times a week for thirty or more people at a time and quickly isolate positives. 

With the frequent testing and quarantining of positives, Tour Goes Wrong has successfully been able to host their shows across locations. With production houses expected to follow testing guidelines and have constant and regular COVID testing for their events, the Navus Health team looks forward to these challenges by stepping up its efforts to meet the demand of production companies needing customized app-based testing solutions.

About Navus

Navus Health is a Digital Diagnostics company based out of New Jersey with operations across the United States, They have a variety of healthcare based solutions that are designed to help live events maximize their potential through smart COVID-19 testing protocols. By ensuring rapid results and custom solutions for each client, it has been the go-to-market partner for many events and teams looking for COVID testing and healthcare solutions.  For more information go to Navus Health

Amanda Noble, the National Sales Lead at Navus Health believes it’s very rewarding to be able to provide a solution that helps keep people working and audiences in theaters. “Safety is always our number one priority but we also work hard to make the process seamless and as painless as possible.  We knew that being able to provide results the same day before the show hit the stage was the only answer for Tour Goes Wrong.  It would give them the opportunity to swap out actors, quarantine positives and minimize the spread of COVID-19 so the show could go on.”

Derek Nickerson, Chief Digital Officer at Navus says “Navus differentiates itself by becoming an extension of your own team. We collaborate on every aspect of the testing cycle.  We use a proprietary end to end safety and compliance software platform to help teams with tight deadlines. Our clients count on us daily to deliver a seamless and carefree testing experience with full visibility on our app at their fingertips..”