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A National Digital Health Company Leading Healthcare Transformation

Our Mission

Deliver Healthcare digital transformation from consumers to enterprise bringing the best-in-class services together in one platform.
Tech Solutions + Innovation in one place

Who we are

Navus Health, which stands for NAVigate US, was created to plug in best-in-class healthcare services and technologies to enable market innovation and disruption. Navus Health’s platform is the foundation for digital healthcare transformation. 

Navus Health certifies COVID free, live and virtual gatherings including the Super Bowl and Broadway theater productions allowing for operations to continue safely. Our insights platform is streamlined to include online pre-event and just in time registration, QR code driven check-in for secure and fast data retrieval, secured access control using RFID microchip technology all while managing a digital chain of custody for the entire process. Navus Health’s technology and team seizes to navigate you through and beyond the COVID pandemic.  

Navus Health is a subsidiary of HealthG2, a digital intelligence and solution company that focuses on optimizing the cost and quality of healthcare.

Our passion is healthcare transformation through the advancement of data driven decisions to improve quality of care for all.

Our Credo

At Navus, we are a team of digital strategists, healthcare experts, and data scientists that believes in the power of digital platforms to transform the healthcare industry.
We believe that a digital platform is the foundation for digital healthcare transformation.

We work with a diverse range of clients across different sectors and geographies, from small startups to multinationals. Together, we create solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies to deliver real business impact.

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COVID-19 response

Certifying COVID-free businesses in 50 states